Results from December Survey

Here are the results from last week’s survey about the first 6 months of the Arduino & Co. The survey was sent to our 120 members right now and we had a small 10% respond rate.

What topics at Arduino & Co do interest you most?

So, interestingly, the meetup members mostly enjoy classical talks about microcontoller basics or projects.

What is the best place for the meetup?

The most popular locations arte the Munich FabLab and MCSM/MunichMakes. In contrast to most web meetups, hacker spaces seem to provide a better context than companies.

What discoveries did you make at the meetup?

Currently, the meetup provides most value in combining online and offline worlds. So, maybe the meetup should provide more pointers to online conent. Or, as with this website, further develop online and offline content. Last, there was a remark that teaching Arduino to kids should play an important role.

Take part.

The survey is still open for a while. It would be great if you take part too. Thanks in any case!