December meetup

The X-mas hacking sessions began with fast food. “Fast”, because we went straight into hacking.

Thomas showed his progress with the software behind his Roboshock project, a bi-pedal robotics project. He has built an impressive UI to transform raw deta from different sensors into artificial “senses”. Besides, he recently started on another project, a blood pressure sensor based on OpenCV.

At a different table, Michael was working on J5 for the Arduino Yun. While the Arduino community seems to be rather silent about this combination, there is a nice how-to of combining Cylon.js with the Arduino Yun.

Next, Kresimir and me were working on a basic starter project: An Arduino based alarm clock. Since I forgot my DS1307 RTC chip, we “simulated” the time with counters on the Atmega328. A separate blog post on the clock will follow. At this point, it is maybe interesting to mention the Tinyduino RTC shield.

Measuring time with an Arduino is rather easy, so, we progressed towards mounting an old Nokia 5110 display on an Arduino. This was great fun too, and is a topic for a different blog post too. By the way, if you are interested in professional Drone technologies, take a look at Ascending Technologies where Kresi works.

Then, we had the pleasure to welcome Martin Laarmann of the Munich Make team. After a great Make Munich 2014, Martin has started already preparing Make Munich 2015. Martin also mentioned the Modularis board (made in Munich), and a hacking project to make dispenser machines more fun.