October Meetup - Hello World with Arduino

Arduino is great to control physical experiences such as light and motion. Actually, putting LEDs in a breadboard is the easiest way to say “hello world” with electronics.

While electronics can be fun to some (esp. for those, who like to say “soldering is my favorite debugging trick”), Arduino can be a nice vehicle for software experiments too. So, talking to Arduino with different programming languages, such as JavaScript and Ruby is another goal for this meetup.

We will try to have some time for you to present your problems and projects with Arduino too.


19:00) Social

19:30) Talk 1

20:00) Build and play

21:00) Lightning talks and project feedback

22:00) end

PS Thanks to Linda and Netlight to support us with hacking space for this meetup, as well as lowering the entry barrier to Munich’s future http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limor_Fried